Video and/or audio is not being played on the iPad

The current version of the SDK we use to render PDF files does not support embedded audio and video files.
This is due to not enough memory resources being available.  Our Viewer loads into memory and uses an embedded browser to display web content so that users are not forced to switch to another app and then back to the Viewer.  The more apps you have loaded onto your iPad, the less memory there is available for applications to run.

To solve this you can either:

  • Restart your iPad
  • Restore your iPad back to its default settings (removes all applications)
  • Remove unwanted applications
  • Typing the URL directly into your web browser rather than clicking on a link in the PDC file
  • Ask your publisher whether they can stream video and audio links.  More information on this is available at  Document publishers need to create a PDF annotation with a direct audio/video link in it and FastPdfKit kit will do the rest.
  • Ask your publisher to supply the video/audio links in a PDF document or email message.