SWF frame rates and embedding FLV files in a SWF file

SWF files have a limit of 16,000 STATIC frames per scene. It is really a lot more than you would think, because:

– you can have multiple scenes in the same SWF file;

– normally, a flash animation is NOT saved or constructed frame by frame. For example, if an object is supposed to move from position A to position B, the flash is given a script that defines the movement path. As a result, the SWF file only contains TWO frames (of the beginning and of the end of the object movement), while the frames in-between are generated on the fly by the Flash player. So, on your screen you may see 1000 frames, but the SWF file actually contains 2 frames plus a script. Also, all animations like a blinking object or graphical effects (like fading) are done via scripts, not frame by frame.

Embedding FLV files in a SWF file

You can embed FLV files in SWF files in order to protect them. A tutorial of how to include a FLV video into a SWF movie can be found at: http://www.gotoandlearn.com/play.php?id=1.