Proxy Settings Overview

If you are using a proxy then information in this section details how you can set-up our software to work with it.

What are Proxy Servers?

Proxy servers are used in some organizations to change the port addressing from the Windows default to another internally determined port number.

On some systems, because of internal security requirements, firewall controls are set to prevent internal applications from connecting directly to external web addresses.  Further, to help prevent attacks from hackers, and prevent keyloggers and other programs commonly used by hackers, viruses and worms to send confidential internal data to outsiders, internal systems may use port addresses on the firewall that are not the standard ports.  Finally, the firewall may require users who wish to use external services to authenticate themselves to the firewall before they are able to use external services.

How can I configure my proxy server to work with your software?

Our software will automatically pick up current proxy information from Internet Explorer.

However, if your proxy requires authentication, a dialog box will be displayed where you must enter the user name and password needed to authenticate yourself to the proxy.  Your internal IT department should be able to provide you with the necessary information.

There may be circumstances when you need to override these settings before you can register and use our software.