Proxy server settings – manual entry

To manually enter proxy settings, go to the Windows Start menu > Programs > Locklizard > Safeguard > PDF Viewer > Proxy Settings.

The following dialog is displayed:


In the Proxy Settings dialog, check the “Use proxy” checkbox and then enter the address the proxy requires in the ‘Proxy address’ field.  Your IT support group will be able to tell you the address you should enter here.  Also, ask them if you need to enter a specific port address.

Our software uses port 443 to securely address (using HTTPS) the LockLizard administration server.  If your internal system requires the use of a different port for the connection you must enter it in the “Proxy port” field.

If your internal control system requires authentication at the firewall then check the “Proxy Authentication” checkbox and enter in the fields provided the username and password that your IT department have allocated to access the firewall service.If you do not supply the proxy authentication data (username/password) but the proxy server requires authentication, a dialog box asking for the username and password will be automatically displayed when our software tries to connect to the Internet.

If the “Use Proxy” check box is not checked, then our software will use the Internet Explorer settings for the Internet connection (assuming the proxy settings are defined in IE).


  • If the Viewer software is running whilst you have been adding or changing proxy settings then it must be restarted to apply the modified proxy settings.
  • You only need to run the utility once unless someone decides to change your internal proxy settings and they cannot be automatically picked up by our software.