Issue: I have changed the support email address but messages are still being sent from an old email address

The address used for outgoing mail when using the own server install will always be the webmaster address of the SMTP server it is configured to use.  The reason for this is that if your own email address is used as the primary source but in reality it is coming from a different email server ISPs may treat this as SPAM since this is a technique used by spammers to falsify where an email is really sent from.

You can use your own SMTP server in order to send emails from your own domain rather than the server’s domain.

The SMTP server is configured (specified) when the PHP module for Apache is installed.  The PHP configuration on the server hosting Locklizard, will be configured to bounce SMTP messages via an SMTP server (your configured mail server), resulting in  You can also configure this using the Settings Tab > Mail Server (SMTP) in your Safeguard Publisher account.

The ‘reply to’ address for the Viewer registration email sent to your customers is picked up from the following fields in this order:

  1. LL-master admin system > Publishers > Manage Account > Details button > ‘Email’ field
  2. LL-master admin system >  Settings Tab >  Viewer Template > ‘Reply address’
  3. LL-master admin system >  Publishers > Manage Account > Details button > Viewer Custom Template > ‘Reply to’ field
  4. Publisher admin system > Settings Tab > Support email address

For example, if you modify the Viewer custom template in item 3, this will override items 1 and 2.  Similarly, entering a support email address will override items 1,2 and 3.