FAQ: Would it be possible to have our company name and logo in place of the LockLizard name and logo in the Viewer software?

Yes, you can customize the LockLizard Viewer and have a custom image (e.g. logo) in the upper right part of the window by using the Publisher Own Branding add-on.


Publisher own branding uses a web link to a JPG image containing whatever you wish to have displayed.

That branding is transferred when the customer registers their license, and is updated whenever the customer’s license is checked. So, publishers are able to change their house style dynamically, and can even use special branding for periods of time if they so wish.

The maximum image size is 285 (width) x 35 (height) pixels.

NOTE:  When running the installer setup for the LockLizard Viewer the screens cannot be customized – they will still display the LockLizard logo.


You can also brand the Viewer by using your logo as the splash screen (so that every time a document loads your logo displays first), by using a watermark image, and in the license email that is sent to your customers – Custom Viewer Registration Email.