FAQ: Why does the time in the log files differ from the local time on my computer?

LockLizard servers are set to track server time to try and maintain consistency of operational timings.  But servers are located in different countries and time zones, and publishers are in different countries and time zones, as are document recipients.

For example, at 1500 GMT it is 1000 EST (Eastern Standard Time) and around 0100 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, Australia).

Although everyone’s “local time” is right for them, the databases have to use a common reference of time, in this case Coordinated Universal Time (UTC or UCT time).

So the times that you see shown on Administration server records are taken from UTC time and not from local time. Days start and end by reference to UTC time (it is not practical to have document access stopping whenever the local time goes past midnight so that it could take an elapsed day for use to stop, instead of all stopping at the same time).

So although it may look a little strange when the Admin system time is different from your computer clock (except in the UK in Winter, when they are on UTC time) that is the reason.