FAQ: Where is the search feature in the MAC viewer?

The search feature in the MAC viewer is located in the popout on the right.

When you search for a word in Sierra a list will appear in the document on the right as a list, but if you click on a keyword link the Viewer will not jump to it correctly.  You have to manually go to each location in the list – i.e. go to the page the keyword is listed on and scroll up/down – to see the highlighted keywords.  This issue will be fixed in a later release of the Safeguard Viewer.

Note that:

  • A word is highlighted on page n when it is selected in the right panel for page n.
  • If you move the selection in the right panel to page n and go to that page, that word is selected on page n.
  • The page number at the top, in the menu bar, corresponds with the page column in the search results.