FAQ: What watermarking options are available in Safeguard PDF Security?

You can add custom text, system data, and image watermarking to a document.  This is displayed when a document is printed and/or viewed in the viewer software.  Watermarks can be prevented from displaying on the first page of your documents (useful if you want your cover page and branding to appear unmarked whilst the rest of the document is watermarked) and behind or in front of your PDF content.

The following items can be displayed – images, custom text, system data (date/time, username, email address, company name) – when a user prints and/or views your documents.  User information can be displayed to deter photocopying, and the use of moire images (available for free download from here) can be used to ensure photocopying produces extremely poor quality copies and prevents OCR (optical character recognition) software from working.