FAQ: What sort of hardware do I need to purchase for my own server?

The example below is based on 100,000 users all having their license checked at the SAME time.  This is an unlikely event but it shows that if maximum load was put on the system, what amount of memory/disk space would be required.

  • Memory
    The average memory usage for a check license request is around 100KB per check.  So, for a smooth experience without waiting on the server to free memory resources you will need around 10GB of RAM.

    100KB x 100,000 users ==> 10GB of memory required.

  • Disk Space
    Disk space depends on the data /info inserted for each user.  The average is around 10KB.  So you will need 1GB of disk space for 100,000 users.

    10KB x 100 000 ==> 1GB