FAQ: What is a thin client environment? How does this affect LockLizard products?

By default, for security reasons, we prevent our viewer software from running in thin client or virtual environments.

If you want to allow customers to run the viewer in such environments then you must check the “allow thin client and virtual environments” check box on the Environment controls tab when protecting files.  See note below.

An explanation of the different types of environment available are below:

Thin Client
Each client is given an equivalent of a desktop environment (which is in fact a virtual environment – a copy of the master environment). So the administrator creates a master environment which would include the Safeguard Viewer which has been registered already to you as the publisher. Each user also has this environment on their computer – so they can open all the documents you have authorized that license to use, and each user can have 3 of your documents open at any one time. Effectively, each client is a clone of the master.

It does not necessarily mean the workstations are dumb (they use their own processing power) it just means that administrators can load a single environment and give it to all their users – so I only ever have to install one copy of Word for example on the server, I license it once, yet every user can use it on their desktop just as if they had installed and licensed it as theirs.

Normal Server environment
If you are not running Citrix or terminal but install the software and register it on a normal server then only 3 instances of the viewer can be opened at one time. So either 3 users can view the same document or they can all view different documents, or 1 user can view 3 different documents.

Client computers
The viewer is installed on each computer and licensed on each computer. 3 instances of the viewer can be opened at one time.


NOTE: Allow Thin Client and Virtual Environments

If you select this option then your customers will be allowed to run the Viewer in Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, and other virtual environments.

In these environments, it is possible that the user can install one copy of the software on their server and register in centrally. This can then be used on multiple desktops without limitation. So even if you only grant a user one license, multiple users will be able to view and use your documents within their organization.

Since this option effectively introduces a security weakness to the system (viewers are no longer tied to individual computers), it is recommended that you only distribute separate documents with this option checked to users that are running these environments.