FAQ: What does the ‘Support Email Address’ do?

You should use this function to set up your standard support email address so that your customers will be serviced correctly.

When you create customer accounts, your customers are sent an email that contains their license file and a link that allows them to download the free viewer software. This email displays the following text: If you have any difficulty registering the product please contact the document owner at email @ address.com. This is the email address where your customers can send email if they have problems accessing protected documents or products that you provide. This is also the email address that is displayed in the FROM field of the email message.

Should your customers need to contact you with an issue viewing protected documents then you should advise them to select the option Contact Service Support from the Help menu in the Viewer software. By using this option important machine and version information will be sent to you, which can then, if necessary, be passed on to the LockLizard support team for further investigation. Please note that LockLizard only deal with support requests from publishers and not from publishers customers.


DO NOT set the support email address to support@locklizard.com. Customer requests for support must first go to you as the publisher before being redirected through to LockLizard support. Direct requests from your customers to our support department will be sent back to you as the publisher.

Updating the document properties with the new support email address

Once you have changed the support email address you will need to re-register your viewer license for the email address to be updated on the document properties.  This is because the document properties obtains the support email address from the viewer license file.  Any users that register the viewer after you have changed the support email address will automatically see the updated field.