FAQ: What does the ‘Monitor Email Address’ do?

This function allows you to set an email address to which a copy of the customer license file will be sent.

You may want to use this function so that you do not have to use the “save users license file to disk” option in the admin system in order to resend a customer their license file email.  Instead you can simply forward them a copy of their license file by email.

Further, you may wish to send your customers a default email message containing your own content, perhaps informing them of updates or new information relevant to the documents or products that they have acquired.  To do this you would need to set up an auto-responder that is automatically triggered when the license email arrives in your inbox.  You would need to configure your own email system in order to do this.  Please be aware that some email servers reject email coming from an automated source because they choose to believe that it must be spam and you may need to provide a manual follow up where that happens.