FAQ: Upgrading from v2 to v3 Steps

Follow these steps to upgrade from v2 to v3

  • Remove all local keystores (Writer and Viewer)
  • Uninstall all local writers, then reboot the computer
  • Upgrade Locklizard Admin Server v2.0 to v2.6
  • Install the v3 Admin Server
  • Run ll-db-fix.php
  • Check the Master Admin and Publisher panels are all working
  • Install the latest Writer software
  • Download the writer license from the Publisher Admin Panel
  • Register the Writer software


Issues after upgrading:

License error saying it is for v4 and not v3

If you receive this error then check the database record in > “writerusers” table > first record > column “lictype” – it should be 0 (zero).  If not set, set it to zero, then save.  Then download and open the license file again.

Error 1284:68 Can’t connect to server (domainname.com/)

If you receive this error then in the Master Admin Panel clock on the link “Modify Server URL” and check that the URL is correct.  It should be http://domainname.com/ll-master/  – where domainname is the domain name you are using to access the server.

If the URL is correct press the change button to force the address.  Then check the “serverurl” column in the “options” table and make sure the “/ll-master/” folder is listed.  Then re-download the license file and re-register.