FAQ: Own branding image does not show in the viewer

This problem can be caused by the way some graphics applications save JPG images.  One example of incompatibility is when working with multi-layer images produced by Photoshop and you save the result as a JPG.  The link to the JPG Is accepted, but when the Viewer runs the own branding image does not load and instead the default LockLizard logo is displayed.

To resolve this you will need to do the following:

  • Copy the entire image from your original graphics application into the clipboard as a single flat selection
  • Paste it from the clipboard into one of the following graphics applications: Microsoft paint, Corel Paint Shop Pro or Fireworks
  • Now re-save the image using the new application as a new JPG file. Where possible always use the highest quality, disable ICC extensions, and do NOT add EXIF information
  • This file should now work with the viewer as a branding image.


Please also be aware of the technical specifications for creating own branding images:

  • The maximum image size is 285 (width) x 35 (height) pixels. If the image exceeds this size it will be automatically truncated by the Viewer, and are not stretched or resized. While the width will go as far as the screen will let you (up to the bookmarks button) the longer you make the image, the less likely it will display fully at low screen resolutions (less than 1024×768).
  • The logo branding image must be a valid URL path to a JPG image.
  • An Internet connection is required in order to download and change the Viewer toolbar logo. If no connection is available, or the logo is not found at the specified URL, the default LockLizard logo will be used.
  • Be aware that is the user closes the current document or opens another document with no custom logo, the displayed logo will default to LockLizard.  If the new document has a different own branding logo it wil be displayed.

If you want to add a hyperlink to your custom logo, so that when a user clicks on your logo they are taken to your web site, then enter the URL on the JPG comments field (on Vista, right click on the jpg file -> properties -> details -> comments field).