Error: New documents are not appearing in the Web Viewer dashboard for existing users

If you can see these files in your Publisher Web Viewer then the reason is caching.  The list of documents for a logged in user is cached – you will have to wait for a maximum of 5 minutes for the list to update if you publish new documents.  For the publisher Web Viewer login there is no cache.

If the documents still do not show, click on the Sort By: ID option in the dashboard.  The new documents should then appear at the top of the list.

If you are hosting the Web Viewer on your own server:

  1. make sure you have APC (Alternative PHP Cache) installed on your Web Viewer Server because caching could be an issue if this component is not present.
  2. clear the cache by going to your documents upload folder and deleting the cache file there.  After deleting it, all documents will be visible to all users.  If they are not, restart Apache.