FAQ: Is there a way to speed up email delivery from the LockLizard servers?

Q: In some cases, it takes a couple of hours from when we import the customer list to when the customer receives the emails. Most come within 5 minutes, and then the rest slowly come in after that.

A: There are many problems caused by the SPAM generating community. ISPs, apart from responding to complaints from individuals about spam mail, also monitor the rate at which mail is issued from mail gateways. So having sudden, relatively large volumes of mail leave a gateway is often considered to be a spam activity. To avoid that, our email gateway will throttle large volumes of email in order to give smaller batches. After all, what would you think if an email gateway suddenly output 2,000 nearly identical emails? Obviously spam!

Also, when we are outputting email for hosted customers we are sending email on their behalf – not sending it from their own mail server, so our activities tend to be more closely monitored than might be the case if mail were coming direct from the publisher.

So it is a balancing act between giving high service for the one-off needs to satisfy web sales, and avoiding, however mistaken, volume complaints from the automatic monitors. We maintain contact with the spam abuse departments of our ISPs and remain so.

The option always exists for a customer to have license code information returned directly to them using eCommerce integration, and they can then issue volume email from their own mail gateway if they are happy to do that.