FAQ: Installing the Viewer in a thin client or Citrix environment

Follow these steps for installing the Safeguard Viewer in a thin client or Citrix environment.

NOTE:  Only local profiles are supported.

  1. Install the Viewer from an admin account for ALL users/identities.
  2. DO NOT activate any license from the admin account.  If you have done, remove the viewer keystore before proceeding.
  3. Create separate licenses for each user/remote account/identity.
  4. Have each user activate his license on his own profile/identity/remote account.

It is important that the license is activated by each user and not by the Windows administrator from the Windows admin account.  If the license is installed via the Windows admin account, it will not match the hardware details of each user profile, because each user runs in his own virtual environment where the hardware IDs are not the same as the ones of the real machine/server.

Multiple virtual servers

If you are using multiple virtual servers for load balancing purposes then you need to configure your virtual machines so the hardware IDs (especially the hard disk serial numbers) are identical on all of them (not random and not generated on the fly).  This is because the Viewer checks against the hardware ID of the computer it was registered on and if this differs (for example a different virtual server is now being used to the one registration took place on) then an error message will occur stating the “The license you are using does not match your computer details”.

Upgrading the Viewer (thin client)

If you are running the viewer in a thin client environment, have just upgraded the viewer software, and receive the error “The license you are using does not match your computer details” for documents you could previously view successfully, then remove the Viewer keystore and re-register the viewer software.

Roaming Profiles

Locklizard do NOT support roaming profiles.  You must install and register the Viewer software in a
local profile.