FAQ: Installing the Safeguard Viewer software on Apple Mac Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 or above

NOTE:  A video demonstrating the installation process can be viewed here.

Installation Instructions

1.  Make sure you are logged on as an administrator with full privileges.

2.  Check your security settings.  Click on the Apple icon and then ‘System Preferences’.   Select the ‘Security & Privacy’ icon.  Click on the ‘Padlock’ icon on the bottom left of the window and enter your Mac credentials (username and password) in order to change your security settings.  Select ‘Allow applications downloaded from:  Anywhere’ and then confirm this.

3.  Stay logged on as an administrator and double-click on the PDCViewerSetup.dmg file.  If it does not automatically mount then navigate to your Downloads folder and run it from there.

4.  When mounted, PDCViewerSetup will then appear under DEVICES (as shown below).  Double-click on this.

Diagram 1: Safeguard Viewer .pkg file

5.  Double-click on LizardSafeguardViewerSetup.pkg (shown in the right-hand pane above) to start the installation process.

6.  The installation process will now begin.  The installation process is straight-forward and it takes less than a minute from start to finish.  Select the Continue button to install Safeguard Viewer and follow the instructions on screen.

Screenshots of the installation process are given below and are self-explanatory.

Diagram 2: Safeguard Viewer Welcome screen

Diagram 3: Safeguard Viewer License Agreement

Diagram 4: Safeguard Viewer Installation folder

Diagram 5: Safeguard Viewer Installation Settings

Diagram 6: Safeguard Viewer Successful Installation

7.   The Viewer software will now be available from the Applications folder.

Diagram 7: Safeguard Viewer application