FAQ: I can’t get the Mac viewer to work with multiple user accounts

In order for the Mac Viewer keystore to function properly it must be able to read and write to the following files:


If you have multiple accounts on the system, only the account that created the initial keystore files (during the viewer’s first setup) will be able to do this. Subsequently the other accounts will display an error “Failed to check license. Unable to initialize license store” or “Failed to save license store” when trying to register or open documents.

To fix the problem you must do the following while logged in as an administrator:

  1. Open the location of the keystore: Open Finder and one of the options across the top is Go.  Click on that and one of the drop down options is Go to Folder.  Click on that, and in the file bar that is in the new panel that opens, type in the folder path “/Users/Shared/.LizardSafeGuardPDFViewer” and press return;
  2. Located and select the files pdcri.dat and pdcrl.dat;
  3. Then click File in the Finder and chose “Get Info”;
  4. From the info window drop down Sharing & Permission at the bottom;
  5. Click the unlock padlock in order to make changes, then click the “+” button to add another user;
  6. Locate the additional users that need access and give them read & write permission;
  7. Re-lock the padlocks and close the info boxes.

Now these users will also be able to use the viewer.

Migrated User Accounts

If you are using a Mac which has migrated user accounts then remove the keystore, uninstall, empty trash, reboot, and try this version: http://www.locklizard.com/Downloads/PDCViewerMac_2.5.72.mpkg.zip