FAQ: How do I intergrate my .NET interface with command line?

This page explains how to launch a program via .NET code: http://www.thescarms.com/dotnet/Process.aspx so that that the command line utility can be launched to protect documents on-the-fly.

Basically, the code is:

lngPID = Shell(“c:\…\MyTextFile.txt”, vbNormalFocus)

Where c:\..\MyTextFile.txt is to be replaced with the command line parameters or a bat file containing them.  The above page provides additional details, for example how can the program monitor and see if the launched command line has done its job, etc.


lngPID = Shell(“c:\programfiles\PDCWriter.exe” PROTECT “C:\My Folder1\files\*.pdf”/”C:\My Folder2\files\*.pdf” /OUTPUT “C:\PDC Output”, vbNormalFocus)


lngPID = Shell(“c:\test\protect.bat”, vbNormalFocus)

where protect.bat is a batch file that contains the command line parameters.