FAQ: How do I install the viewer or Writer software from the command line without user input?

In corporate environments it may be a requirement that your IT department install applications programs and not you as the user. Corporate IT departments often use system administration programs to remotely install software onto the desktop. These tools often do not process messages that an end user would have done because they will use all the default settings for the system.

To support IT department deployment we therefore provide a silent installation mode to facilitate their ability to carry out automatic installs. As an end user you might also wish to use this facility in order to save time. To install the viewer in silent installation mode without any dialogs displaying, the setup must be launched using the Windows Run command and the “/S” parameter.

Example of use: SafeguardPDFViewer.exe /S

NOTE: from the Windows Run command you will need to specify the path of the exe file, so the example above might be entered as follows: “C:\Downloads\SafeguardPDFViewer.exe” /s
This command line option also has an optional INI file that can be passed containing session variable values.

Example of use: SafeguardPDFViewer.exe /S:<>

For example: “C:\Downloads\SafeguardPDFViewer.exe” “/S:C:\setupvariables.ini” will cause the session variables in the INI file to be used for the setup. The INI file should be in the format:

%AppFolder%=C:\Program Files\YourProduct

So in the example above with the custom ini settings passed at the command line, the Viewer will be installed in the “YourProduct” folder silently.