FAQ: How do I extend access to an expired document for a customer?

If you have a customer whose access to a document has expired but you want to extend this access to a specific date or indefinitely, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to the admin system
  2. Locate the customer account using the customers tab, and search feature
  3. Click the “Details” button once you have found the account
  4. Select the “Set Document Access” link
  5. Find and Tick the document(s) you wish to extend their access to (you can do the following steps one document at a time if necessary)
  6. Choose “Grant Unlimited Access” from the “With all checked” drop down menu (or choose limited access if you want to enter a date range)
  7. Click OK

If the documents they want to open are not set to validate with the server each time they are opened then the customer will need to remove their keystore from the Windows Start menu > All Programs > LockLizard > Lizard Safeguard > PDF Viewer > Remove Keystore.

Once this is done they will need to re-register their license before opening the documents again. This will force a server check again and the Viewer will be updated with the newly extended access settings for the documents.