FAQ: How do I configure a Gmail account as my SMTP server?

Google changed the way it sends messages in August 2016 and Google servers now require applications to always present the domain that they are using in the initial EHLO command.  This is supported in the Safeguard Administration system build 170 and above.


To configure Gmail use the following settings:

SMTP server:  smtp.gmail.com

Port:  465

SSL:  on

IMAP:  enabled.  Account must have IMAP enabled – see gmail settings for enabling this functionality.

Username:  this must be the gmail email address.

Secure Apps:  enable access for less secure apps on your Gmail account.


NOTE:  If you are still experiencing issues, click on this Unlock Captcha link while logged in with your Gmail account  and follow the steps displayed, then try again.

For general help logging onto your gmail account see My client isn’t accepting my username and password.