FAQ: How do I change the password for my LockLizard admin system account?

To change the password go to your Windows Start menu > Programs > LockLizard > Safeguard > PDF Writer > Change Account Password.

Once you have changed your password you will receive a new license email.  You need to give this email to other administrators so they can register the Writer software on their computers (as this email contains the new password information).

If other administrators have already registered the Writer in the past, then they need to remove their Writer keystore (Windows Start menu > Programs > LockLizard > Safeguard > PDF Writer > Remove Keystore) and then register again with the new license file information.

NOTE:  After a password change it’s possible that your browser will still use the old cookies.  So if you experience any issues, just log in with the new password, then click the Log Out button in the Admin interface (thus refreshing the cookies) and log back in again.