FAQ: How do I change the number of document or products prints?

The print count can be changed on the admin system on a per customer / per document basis if a customer later requires additional prints.

This feature also enables you to see how many document prints remain (and, therefore, how many have been used) for any document with this restriction set, by individual customer. Note that this change can only be applied to documents that were originally published with a limited number of prints.  It is not a control that can be introduced after a document has been protected.

Select the “Change number of prints” link to change the number of times a document can be printed by the selected customer.

Change the “prints left” count by typing in the number of document prints you now want to allow, and then press the Update button.


Document entries are ONLY displayed on this screen if the customer has already printed the document at least once.


The number of prints allowed is applied at the Customer account level, and not at the license level. Each time a customer prints a document restricted in this manner, the count on the Customer account on the Administration server is decremented by 1 (or the number of print copies requested).

So if for example, you have only allowed 3 prints for a specific document, once the customer has printed that document 3 times, they will be unable to print any more copies. This is true even if you have given that customer more than one license for their account, enabling them to print the document on more than one computer. If they have already printed the document three times on the first computer, then there are no print allowances left for use on the second computer.