FAQ: How can I keep the same folder structure when using Safeguard Portable to protect PDF files to USB?

You can change the folder structure AFTER you have published your documents to USB.  You have to publish the files to USB first, then organize them into folders on the USB device (just like your hard disk).

If you organize PDC files into folders then autorun.exe will no longer work since it is expecting to see all files in the root folder.  To open PDC files you must therefore:

  • navigate to the Viewer folder on the USB device
  • run PDCViewer.exe to load the Viewer
  • use the Viewer File > Open menu to navigate to the PDC files

Alternatively, you can create your own custom interface (to replace autorun.exe) by using an application such as AutoPlay.  That way you can have your own folders accessible from your custom interface rather than users having to navigate to them via the Viewer’s File menu.