FAQ: How can I get users to open Lizard Safeguard protected documents in the browser without having to save them to disk first?

This setting can be set manually or by running a file that changes the Windows registry settings.

Changing settings in the Windows registry

If you are using the Safeguard system internally then most likely you will want to use this option.  Two files are provided for this purpose.

PDCFile_no_confirm_after _download.reg – running this file causes IE to always open the file from the browser, without asking to save it.

PDCFile_default_confirm_after_download.reg – running this file causes IE to ask the user to open/save the PDC file.  This is the default setting.

Download the ZIP file containing both files here

Manually changing settings

If the user is not allowed to run REG files (limited user account), he/she can manually change this setting from the Windows File Explorer Folder Options window.

Select the Tools menu > Folder Options > File Types.  Select the PDC file extension on the file types list -> press the Advanced button -> uncheck the ‘confirm open after download’ checkbox and then press the OK button.