FAQ: Hosting on LockLizard servers vs own server hosting

What are the advantages / disadvantages of hosting the administration system on Locklizard or our own servers?

If you host using Locklizard servers:

  1. You are up and running straight away
  2. Backups are done daily at the end of each day
  3. You have to pay a yearly hosting fee
  4. You share the same server with many publishers.  Each publisher can only access their own administration area
  5. Server updates are performed automatically (so new versions are updated ASAP)
  6. There is no server maintenance for you to perform
  7. Changing of the license email text (if required) is an extra charge
  8. You get 3 writer licenses included in the standard package.  Additional writer licenses cost extra.

If you host using your own servers:

  1. It takes about a day to get the system up and running (installing all the server software, plus our admin system, plus testing)
  2. You have full control over when you want to backup your data, recovery, and mirroring
  3. You have direct access to your server for maintenance, direct access to the MySQL database etc.
  4. There is no yearly hosting fee but obviously it will cost you to maintain and host your own server
  5. The server is only hosting your system
  6. You have to perform your own server updates (these are made available for download from our web site)
  7. You have to maintain your own server
  8. You can change the text in the license email for free
  9. You have unlimited writer licenses (so an unlimited number of administrators can protect documents and administer users)
  10. Web Viewer own servers are not restricted for document upload sizes, disk space, or the number of simultaneous connections

The most popular choice is using Locklizard servers for hosting.  Companies tend to go for own server hosting where their requirements are mainly internal use with some external needs, or where they are very large eBook or magazine publishers.