FAQ: How to change the Safeguard Admin System URL

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Changing domain will invalidate the server license and you will need to re-activate it by re-sending us the server Install ID.

Changing the Safeguard Admin System URL

To change the domain name for your Safeguard admin system follow the steps below:

  1. Change your domain name via your host (i.e. via Apache).

    If you cannot change the domain from your host or you are using a proxy/reverse DNS then you can change it via the Safeguard Master admin system.  Click on the Settings Tab > Modify Server URL link and enter your new domain name – for example http://mynewdomain.com/ll-master/

  2. Log into the Safeguard Master admin system using the new URL (e.g. http://www.mynewdomain.com/server_url/ll-master/master.php).
  3. Click on the Publishers Tab > Set Server License link.  Copy the install ID that is displayed and email this to support@locklizard.com.  Locklizard will generate a new license code for your new domain and email this back to you.  Paste the license code into the ‘License code’ field.  Press the Activate License button to activate your new license.
  4. Click on the Publishers Tab > Manage Account link and then the Details button.  Save the Writer license file to disk (save license to file).  The license file will be automatically created using the new URL.
  5. Delete your Writer keystore – off the Windows Start menu > All Programs > LockLizard > Safeguard > PDF Writer > Remove Writer Keystore.
  6. Double-click on the newly downloaded license file to register with the new URL.  All new viewer license files generated as from this moment will be generated using the new domain, so any new customer records you create on the administration system will receive their license files with the correct URL.
  7. Re-issue all existing customers with new licenses since the URL for the admin server is contained within the license file.  All existing customers will have to delete their keystores (use the Remove Keystore option from the Windows Start menu > Locklizard > Safeguard > PDF Viewer menu) before registering using the replacement licenses that you send them.  If they do not do this the new license will not take effect.

Changing the Safeguard Admin System URL in the Web Viewer

If you are using Safeguard Web Viewer then you have to enter your new Safeguard Admin URL in the Web Viewer and re-license the system so both systems can communicate with one another.

  1. Click on the License link to show the License Settings dialog.
  2. In the ‘Licensing URL’ field enter the location of the new Safeguard administration system.  This URL must end in /ll-webviewer/ as before.
  3. Press the ‘Save Changes’ button.  The system will tell you that you need a new license.
  4. Email the Install ID to support@locklizard.com.  Locklizard will generate a license code for your new URL and will email this back to you.
  5. Once you receive the license authorization code, paste it into the ‘License code’ field.
  6. Press the ‘Save Changes’ button to activate your license.