FAQ: Changing Document / Product Expiry after a file has been published – Safeguard V2

Even though you will have previously set the document / product expiry date when you published it, you can also change the expiry on a per customer basis.  You may want to do this for example, to give certain customers different time limited viewings.

On the customer record, under the Direct Access To Documents (Lizard Safeguard) or Direct Access To Products (Lizard Protector) section, press the Change button.

Select the Limited Access radio button if you want to set specific start and end dates or the Unlimited Access radio button if you don’t want the document to expire.  Once you have done this press the Grant Access button.

Please remember that this overrides the original document rights settings.


You can change the document expiry date on a per user basis, regardless of whether the document has been published as a standalone document, to all users, or part as a publication.