FAQ: Are Locklizard products VPAT compliant?

Locklizard Viewers and VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) Section 508 compliance

Locklizard Viewers are built in furtherance of the implementation of Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls over the published content of PDF format documents.  As such, they are specifically designed to prevent the use of functionality that could compromise the DRM security of content that has been protected.  These include the prevention of transformation of form and format by the end user, prevention of screen capture, prevention of access to screen content by third party applications such as screen to voice converters, and so on.

Locklizard is not the creator of content that is licensed for use by third parties and has no responsibility for the display form and format of any information presented by any Viewer on any device.  Locklizard uses Systems Development Kits (SDKs) in order to carry out tasks such as rendering PDF documents on specific devices or operating systems.  These may or may not provide the equivalent functionality of the Adobe PDF reader or its equivalent.

In order to create a substantially similar security functionality in each supported environment, end user functionality may be restricted so that the intended DRM functionality is achieved.

As a result of the foregoing Locklizard make no claims of compliance with regard to the VPAT as there are many technical reasons why they would not be able to ensure delivery of VPAT functionality.