Error: Viewer license emails are not received by our internal users but are received by our customers

This is because some spam filters work by seeing what domain the email address comes from, and because it knows the emails are not really sent from your domain (they are actually sent from the Locklizard server domain that hosts the administration system, but ‘appear’ to come from your own domain) it blocks them. 

Emails to your own domain name are more likely to get blocked because the spam filter knows they did not really come from your domain.  If the email messages are not in your spam folder then check that your filtering system is not automatically dropping messages that are spoofed with our own domain.  If this is the case you will need to whitelist the Locklizard server.

You can solve this issue in one of the following ways:

  1. Configure the SMTP settings on the administration system so that emails are sent from your own domain rather than the domain of the Locklizard server.  See below for instructions on how to do this.
  2. Ask your IT department to allow emails from the domain name hosting the Locklizard administration system.
  3. Change the support email address on the administration system to one that is outside your domain or set a monitor email address on the administration system to an email account outside your domain so you can receive a copy of the license files there.

Configuring SMTP Settings

This feature is available on Safeguard v3 and above and Enterprise v4 and above admin systems from the Settings Tab > Mail Server (SMTP).


You may have to ask your IT department for the information requested below.

  • Check the ‘Use external SMTP server’ checkbox and then enter the details for your mail server;
  • The email address you should enter is the one you would like the registration emails to be sent from;
  • For the server name, enter (where is your domain name);
  • The username and password is for the email address account you have chosen.

Once you have saved the settings, test that they work as expected by entering an email address in the test field.

Don’t want to use your own SMTP server?

If you don’t want to use your own SMTP server then consider purchasing a new domain for this specific use (e.g. and a hosted email account to go with it.  For example:

License emails not being received by your customers?

If license emails are NOT being received by your customers either then see customers not receiving license emails.