Error: Protected documents sent by email are not being received

This happens because some Internet Service Providers have aggressive spam filters that consider the protected document (.pdc file) as spam.  If you don’t allow spam to come through then the email will be deleted.

Here are the instructions for a few internet providers, to allow spam through.


Optonline customers:

Log into your mail account

Select Options > mail > mail filters > spam

Make sure you’re allowing spam to go into spam folders and not on automatically delete.

The next protected document you receive will go into the spam folder.  When this occurs, select the option ‘this is not spam’ and from now on they should start going into your regular mail program.


Road Runner customers:

This is a 2 step process:


log into your email account

go to “settings” > junk mail > “filters”

you will have 4 options

pick the one that allows you to place emails in your junk mail.  If you choose this, the email will show up in your spam folder even if you click “NOT SPAM”.


go to settings > options > allow or block messages

Select the allow tab and type the email address of the person sending it to you.  This will allow it to go through.


Verizon customers:

Log into email account

click “email” tab

scroll down to “my settings” on right side

click “mail”

go to “spam filtering”

click “save spam” in spamdetector folder


there are 5 tabs (setup, signature, blocking, filters, pop)

Choose “blocking” tab

scroll down and go to “safe list”

when you reach “safe list” add the email address you receive the document from to the list.


Please keep in mind these are suggestions, if you are still having problems contact your email provider on how to allow this email, which can sometimes be considered spam.