Error: Printing is very slow

Because of the way the system works, content is decrypted to memory and then spooled as an enhanced bitmap image which consumes large amounts of printer memory.

If you are printing to a postscript printer driver then limited memory can be an issue.

The solutions are as follows:

  1. Use a PCL driver instead (this will speed up printing).
  2. Print sections of a document at a time (this will save on memory resources).
  3. If you are printing to a network printer use a NON universal print driver instead of a universal one (in other words use the driver supplied with the printer or download the specific one from the manufacturers web site).  This is especially true for HP Printers where the HP Laserjet UPD PCL drivers cause problems with slow printing.

If your publisher has limited the number of times you can print a document you may have to ask them for additional print copies if you need to print the document in sections.

PLEASE NOTE:  Printing will be slow if your publisher has used transparent watermark text or images in their documents.

NOTE FOR PUBLISHERS – use of opacity in text and image watermarks

  1. In order for printers to print transparent watermark text they must support Alpha Blending. Most printers support this but some do not.  For this reason we recommend that you DO NOT use transparency in text watermarks unless you are using Safeguard in a controlled internal environment where you are sure that all printers support Alpha Blending.  The simplest solution is to use a different colored font (say a grey color) for the watermark text to ensure that it is always printed.
  2. Use of transparency will increase the print memory size required by a factor of ten or more and should therefore be avoided. Publishers should experiment using different colours for text font, whilst leaving the text and image opacity at 255.  If the original PDF document contains transparent images (overlaid graphic images that are using transparency on the top) they should be converted into single bitmaps.
  3. If opacity is selected, then the more watermark text you use the slower the page rendering will be in the Safeguard Viewer, and the slower printing will be.  For this reason it is recommended that you use as a maximum one line of text.  Reduce the font size if necessary to minimize the amount of text used.
  4. If a background text color is selected it is only displayed at full opacity and not otherwise.