Error: PDC and LLV files downloaded through a web link are not being loaded into the Viewer library or downloads folder

To make PDC and LLV files from a web link be handled by the Viewer rather than a mobile devices OS (i.e. Android and iOS), specify the following format.


So your html code may look like this:

<a href=”pdcviewer://”>Click Here For Your License File</a>

<a href=”pdcviewer://”>Click Here For Your Protected Document</a>

When users click on a PDC or LLV file on a web page specified in this manner, the Viewer will automatically process these files and add them to its Library/downloads folder.  This saves the user having to download them to their device, go to their downloads folder, and click on them again in order for them to be loaded into the Safeguard Viewer library/downloads folder.