Error Message: Your current installed license is not valid for the version of Safeguard PDF Writer

This error message may be displayed for the following reasons:

  1. You are trying to register a newer version of the Writer but your license file is only valid for an older version.

    Download the version of the Writer compatible with your license.

    Then remove your Writer keystore (go to the Windows Start menu and select – All Programs > LockLizard > Safeguard > PDF Writer > Remove Keystore).  Then register again.

    If you still receive the message, ask Locklizard support for your Writer license in a zip file.

  2. You are trying to register the Writer on a Mac computer running Windows on a Parallels VM.  Follow these steps – Writer does not work correctly and then check that the keystore files have been removed.  If there are any files left in C:\ProgramData\LockLizard\PDCWriter then delete them manually.

    Make sure that if you download the Writer application in your Mac environment that you Allow applications downloaded from anywhere.  In your firewall, make sure that PDCWriter.exe has been given access to the Internet and that it is a trusted application.

    If the error still appears after re-installation of the Writer then see Parallels KB for possible solutions.

    NOTE: We have only tested the Writer with Parallels v10.x and below on Windows 7.

  3. UTF8 characters in your publisher name are corrupt.  Please ask Locklizard Support to edit your customer details.