Error Message: We cannot connect to the license server by Internet. Please check that you are connected, or that a firewall is not stopping this connection.

A similar error message may be: “This may be due to a proxy or firewall preventing access to the Internet, an Internet connectivity problem, or the server being unavailable. Please check that nothing is preventing the Safeguard viewer from accessing the Internet and then try again.”

This error message will be displayed if either a firewall or proxy is stopping our software from getting to the Internet.


If you are behind a company firewall then your IT department may have to configure the firewall to accept an outbound connection for our software on on the appropriate port and allow access to the Locklizard licensing server.

The executables you need to grant access to on your firewall are as follows:

  • Safeguard Viewer – PDCVIEWER.EXE

NOTE:  If you decide to disable your software firewall to register the Viewer software then remember you must reboot your computer before it will take effect (software firewalls remain memory resident even after you disable them).

If you are the document Publisher and are using an own server installation of Safeguard, check that your firewall routing is not preventing users from outside the firewall from connecting to the Safeguard server.

Firewalls and Port blocking

Your company may have blocked certain ports from transmitting information and this could affect our software.

For Locklizard hosted systems port 443 is used for secure traffic and port 80 for non-secure traffic.  Outbound and inbound traffic must be enabled on these ports.

Proxy Servers

In the case of proxy servers, proxy settings are automatically picked up from Internet Explorer by the viewer software but there may be occasions when this information is incorrect or unavailable and you will have to manually enter proxy settings in the Safeguard viewer.

From the Windows Start menu >> All Programs >> Locklizard >> Safeguard >> “product name” >> Proxy Settings (where “product name” is the name of the product you are using) is where you enter this information.

For more information on Proxy settings please see Proxy Settings.

Once you have registered our software it does not need the proxy settings again unless someone decides to change your internal proxy settings.