Error Message: The page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue?

The system is warning you that your current implementation is totally insecure. Most likely you are putting the publisher username and password within the web pages (within your code) that are going to be loaded on the browser. This makes it easy for someone to copy your LockLizard server login info.

We strongly recommend that you move the connection code into a different application which will run on your server (not in the browser) and then to use your web pages to retrieve information from that server application. Otherwise a huge security hole will exist. Once you have moved the code to the server application, the error message will not be displayed anymore.



ASP and javascripts are web scripting languages, you can’t use them for server sided applications.  You can use Visual Basic, Visual C, C++, Perl, Python or Java JDK. Whilst you can use ASP to deploy web pages which are created on the server, someone can access the ASP code and see the LockLizard login details, which makes this solution very insecure.