Error Message: The Operation could not be completed. An unexpected error occured (code – 10660).

This message occurs if you have deleted the viewer software in order to upgrade to the latest version and the old application has been left in the Trash folder.

Your computer is trying to run the old application from the Trash folder.

Please empty your trash and try again.


If this does not work then the Mac OS thinks the Safeguard Viewer application does not exist or has not correctly associated the .LLV and .PDC file extensions.

You can either drag the .LLV file on to the Safeguard Viewer application to register, or remove and re-install the Safeguard Viewer application.  Make sure you delete all instances of the Viewer from the Trash folder before installing again, and that you are running OSX 10.4 or above.

If you don’t re-install the Viewer then you will have to open PDC files from the Safeguard Viewer File Open menu since the PDC file extension is not correctly associated with the Viewer application.