Error Message: Please configure your anti-virus or spyware software to allow PDCViewer.exe to execute.

This error message is displayed if a security application is preventing the Safeguard Viewer application, PDCVIEWER.EXE, from accessing the Internet.

This could be any of the following:

  • firewall
  • anti-virus software
  • anti-spyware applications – e.g. Ad-Aware, Spysweeper, and Spybot
  • other security applications – e.g. IRM clients such as EMC’s IRM client (emcirm_ascd.exe)

If the message has just started to occur, then it could mean your anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware software, or IRM client has been updated and is now blocking PDCVIEWER.EXE from running.


Anti-spyware applications may also cause a problem because we monitor keyboard activity to prevent screen grabbing and this creates a false positive.

If you have Ad-Aware, SpySweeper, or Spybot running then please disable or uninstall these and see if the issue still occurs.

To disable SpySweeper on start-up do the following:

  1. Open up the SpySweeper control panel and go to the “Shields” area.
  2. Click on the “Startup Programs” tab.
  3. Uncheck the “Startup Items” checkbox.
  4. Close SpySweeper, and reboot your machine.
  5. Make sure the following process are NOT running (check this in Windows Task Manager)
  6. Re-install Safeguard Viewer.

NOTE:  Version 2.5 and above of Spysweeper enterprise has a white list feature and adding pdcviewer.exe to that should solve the problem – if it does not you will need to disable or remove Spysweeper and reboot the computer before de-installing and then re-installing Safeguard Viewer.


If none of the above help, re protect the PDF file with ‘enhanced screen grabber protection’ enabled.

Viewer 2.6.44 and above enhanced screen grabber protection does not monitor keyboard activity to prevent screen grabbing.