Error Message: Invalid Web Viewer Username

The error message is displayed when adding the customer and enabling web viewer access from the Add Customer page.  If you view the customer’s details, even though the box for the Web Viewer is checked, the system still doesn’t recognize it accordingly.


1)    Press the Save button on the customer account. That customer will now have access to the Web Viewer (no need to change their password – the access rights will be applied correctly and everything will work).

2)   Create the customer account first and then go into their account and enable the Web Viewer.

Still get the error message?

If you have done the above and you still get the error message then it is because that username is already in use by another account. This may not necessarily be on your administration system but it is being used by another Publisher using the same Web Server database. For example, if you entered a name rather than an email address of say “Joe Bloggs” and “Joe Bloggs” is already a user of another publisher then you cannot use the same username as the Web Viewer will not know what Publisher account it relates to.