Error Message: Invalid File Name Received – Android devices

This error message is displayed if the Android OS has been modified by a manufacturer and is not supported fully by our Viewer.


If you get this message on an Android device when opening llv or pdc files then follow the instructions below.

1. Activate the license or pdc link from email.

2. Select the Chrome Browser to open it.

3. Download starts and completes.

4. Swipe down.

5. Click on the license / pdc file.

6. The LockLizard Safeguard Library will display the error message ‘Invalid file name received’.

7. Navigate to your ‘My Files’ folder (located in Android Apps).


8. Select the Download folder.


9. Double-click the license / pdc file.


10. The license / pdc file will then be loaded into the Safeguard library from where you can open it as normal.