Error Message in Web Viewer: Invalid or corrupted PDF File

Additional error details may display something like: PDF.js vx.x.x Message: Invalid PDF structure

This error may be displayed after an update to your browser, and it occurs because the update has made the PDF file unusable in our Web Viewer.

If you get this error, please email the company that you received the document from and give them the following information:

  • what Browser and version the error occurred in
  • the operating system you are running
  • log file data – see below

In the meantime use a different browser to open the document.

Log files

Follow the instructions below in order to obtain log files to help with troubleshooting this error.

Internet Explorer

  1. Press F12 for the developer tools to popup before navigating to the document (or go to Tools and click on developer tools option).
  2. Go to network tab and press on the “play” green button to start network traffic capture.
  3. Navigate to the document by clicking on it in the Viewer and wait for the error to show up.
  4. Copy/paste and provide the network and console tabs outputs.


Go to More Tools > Developer Tools > Console and take a screenshot.


Go to Developer Tools > Browser Console and take a screenshot.

Note for Publishers

If you are the Publisher of the document and this error occurs in every browser for a specific document then you need to optimize the PDF file to remove any unnecessary code.  You can use the Optimization Settings feature in Web Publisher to do this.  See guidelines for protecting PDF documents to the Web.

If the error occurs for every document for a specific user then check if the user name on the account has any accented characters (e.g. ó, ò, ñ, ê, ü, etc.).  If it does, replace them with non-accented ones.