Error Message: Failed to check license, unable to initialize license store, failed to save license store

This error is caused by restricted modify rights, preventing the license file from editing the viewer keystore files.

To solve this you will need to log on to Windows or Mac as an administrator (or get someone in IT to do this) and make sure read/write/modify rights are granted to the keystore files.

Or, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Viewer software as the administrative user
  2. Register as the administrative user
  3. Grant read / write permissions to “Everyone” and to “admin” as well as the administrative user
  4. As an ordinary user, you should now be able to open document

Still does not work on a Mac?

If none of the above solutions work on a Mac computer, then download Viewer version 2.5.72 from

Before installing this version you MUST follow these steps:

  1. remove your keystore
  2. uninstall the Viewer (by moving it to the trash can)
  3. empty the trash can
  4. reboot your computer

If you are using a Mac which has multiple user accounts then see – I can’t get the Mac Viewer to work with multiple user accounts.