Error Message: Error 1284:68 Can’t connect to server. The server name could not be resolved or an extended error was returned.

This error message is displayed if you do not have an Internet connection.  The Viewer software is trying to connect to the Internet to validate your license and access rights to a document.  Connect to the Internet and then try opening the document again.

If you do have an Internet connection then:

  1. check that a firewall is not preventing pdcviewer.exe from accessing the Internet.
  2. check that a firewall is not blocking port 443.
  3. make sure you are accessing the document on your local hard drive and not on a network or SharePoint folder.
  4. If you are running Windows Business Server turn off the shared folder feature.  This feature enables you to save objects directly to the server, but on the local PC it appears that you are saving them to the Desktop or My Documents.