Error Message: Error 12002: The operation timed out.

Communications with the LockLizard server has not been established.

This is caused by firewall or proxy configuration problems.

You will need to either configure your proxy correctly or grant access to our software on the program control section of you firewall software.

Alternatively, switch off your personal firewall, register, then switch it back on.

The executables you need to grant access to on your firewall are as follows:

  • Lizard Safeguard Viewer – PDCVIEWER.EXE
  • Lizard Safeguard Writer – REGISTERWRITER.EXE and ADMINPAGE.EXE
  • Lizard Protector Viewer – LL_PROTECTOR_VIEWER.EXE
  • Lizard Protector Writer – LL_PROTECTOR_ADMIN.EXE and ADMINPAGE.EXE


Proxy Settings

To edit your proxy settings: off the Windows Start menu select >> All Programs >> Locklizard >> Lizard “product name” >> Proxy Settings (where “product name” is the name of the product you are using) and enter your proxy settings in the dialog provided.

For more information on Proxy settings please see Proxy Settings.