Error Message: Could not connect to smtp host (Connection timed out, or no route to host)

This error is displayed when configuring your own SMTP settings if you have used a port number that is blocked by an ISP.

For our hosted servers, Port 25 for outgoing SMTP email is blocked by GoDaddy. Entering port 587 instead should work fine.

Please also check the following:

  • Your SMTP settings are correct;
  • Your SMTP server has not prevented a connection to the server hosting your Safeguard administration system (check for a banned IP address);
  • Your SMTP server accepts external connections;
  • The SMTP account you are using has authority to accept relays.  If you restrict relay access to your SMTP server to specific IP addresses then you must allow the IP address of the Safeguard administration system.

Try also configuring your SMTP system without using SSL.