Error message: Access denied

This error message is displayed if you are trying to login with a username and password that you entered in the web.xml file, but have not added the web.xml file back into the war file, and/or have not rebooted the server since doing so.

To check this, log on with the default username ‘admin’ with the password ‘admin’. If you can login to the admin system using these default values then follow the steps below:

  1. Save the web.xml file and save it back into the archive file: <TOMCAT_INSTALL_DIR>/webapps/LockLizardLicensing.war;
  2. If the LockLizardLicensing web application was previously installed then delete the directory:
    NOTE: It is important that this folder is deleted if it exists otherwise changes made to the web.xml file will not be picked up.
  3. Stop Tomcat and restart the server before starting tomcat and opening the admin panel.

You should then be able to login using the username and password you entered in the web.xml file.