Error Message: 1284:68 Can’t connect to server. The attempt to connect to the server failed

This error message is displayed if:

  • a firewall is blocking Safeguard Viewer (pdcviewer.exe) or Safeguard Writer (pdcwriter.exe) from accessing the Internet
  • port 443 is closed
  • an anti-virus application is blocking Safeguard from accessing the Internet – this may not show as being blocked in the anti-virus applications log files so make sure access has been granted
  • a proxy server is being used but has not been configured in Safeguard

Check that your firewall or anti-virus software is not blocking access to the server.  If you are using a proxy then you must enter this information in the Safeguard application.  If you have tried registering or viewing/protecting  documents outside of your network with no firewall restrictions or proxy in place, then chances are an anti-virus program is blocking the Safeguard application from connecting to the Internet.

Note for document publishers

If you are the document Publisher and see this message when attempting to connect to the Locklizard Administration system then check that your firewall / proxy is allowing access to the Safeguard Admin System URL.

If access is allowed then ask Locklizard support to check whether the Safeguard Admin System server firewall is  blocking your IP address.  Your IP may end up being automatically blocked as a security measure if you have performed a large number of administrative functions in a short period of time.